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Abortion Procedures

Suction abortion

The abortionist inserts a tube with a razor edge, into the mother’s womb and sucks the child through the tube, dismembering him and depositing him into a collection jar.

D&C abortion

The abortionist inserts a curette, a razor-like knife, into the mother’s womb and dismembers the child and scrapes the pieces into a dish. They put the pieces back together at a sink to ensure that none of the body parts were left inside the mother.

D&E abortion

The abortionist uses a pliers-like instrument to reach into the mother’s womb and grabs an appendage, an arm or a leg, and twists and pulls until the appendage breaks loose. This is repeated until all of the child’s body parts are removed.

Saline abortion

The abortionist injects a strong salt solution into the womb so that the child will swallow the salt, burning his lungs with each swallow until he goes into violent convulsions, and dies. (This abortion is not used as much today because too many children were born alive—prompting the Born Alive Infant Protection Act)

Partial birth abortion

During the delivery, the abortionist leaves the head inside the mother, and then inserts a blunt scissors into the base of the child’s neck, creating a hole. A suction tube is inserted into the hole and the child’s brains are sucked out. The head collapses and pulled out, completing the delivery. (This procedure has been banned, but is in danger of making a comeback)

Pregnancy reduction abortion

The abortionist chooses one or more of the children in a multi-fetal pregnancy and inserts a needle through the mother’s abdomen and into the chest and heart of the selected child, (or children) and injects a poison to kill the child (children).




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