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Missouri Right to Life Policy on Contraceptives That Act as Abortifacients


Missouri Right to Life does not take a position on artificial contraception per se, but MRL is opposed to all drugs or devices that are known to act at least some of the time as abortifacients.


Missouri Right to Life acknowledges the scientific reality that for humans produced by fertilization, the life of a human being begins at conception.1 Therefore, all drugs or devices that are intended to prevent implantation after conception occurs, or in any other way destroy human life, cause abortions. They are abortifacients. Some drugs, such as the so-called “morning after” pills (“Plan B”) do not act as abortifacients in every instance. Plan B in some instances prevents conception. If conception occurs despite taking Plan B, however, Plan B prevents implantation, and as a result, the new human being cannot obtain nutrition and dies. Because of this feature of Plan B, one never knows when it will act as an abortifacient. Anything that may act as an abortifacient at any time is wrong to use. Just like Russian roulette, it may kill at any time. Therefore, Missouri Right to Life opposes “Plan B” and any other drugs that may act like it.

The abortifacient known as mifepristone (brand name, “Mifeprex,” formerly known as “RU486”), is never taken as a “morning after” contraceptive pill, but is used several days after conception purely and simply as an abortifacient. It always acts, and is intended to act, by killing the child. Abortions by chemicals are just as lethal to unborn children as abortions by surgery. Missouri Right to Life opposes abortions that are done by any means.

How Contraceptives Work

We know that the IUD and the drug “Ella” are strictly abortifacient in nature. They either block the fertilized egg – a human being in its very first hours of existence - from reaching the nutrients it needs or destroys those nutrients so they are not available. Other methods that are considered more widely as “contraceptives” are also abortifacients if used at specific times. Plan B, while it is designed to prevent ovulation and therefore conception in fact does not always (or perhaps even rarely) act in that fashion. If sexual activity and the taking of the “morning after pill” occurs right before, during or right after ovulation, it likely does not prevent ovulation and in fact, if the woman becomes pregnant from the sexual encounter, induces an earlier abortion. Birth control pills themselves can also be abortifacient in nature due to the low doses of hormones that they contain. These low doses allow what they call break through ovulation, 20 % of the time. If sexual activity occurs at those times, pregnancy can result. If it does, the birth control pill is designed to block nutrients to the new embryonic baby. The hormones were reduced several decades ago to prevent the problems with blood clots and other side effects.

1 For humans produced by cloning, the better word is “inception,” because they are not conceived in the usual sense.

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