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When They Say You Say

When They Say - You Say

When They Say:
“Assisted suicide and euthanasia should be available for those who freely make that choice.”

You Say:
“There are dangers when the law allows one person to assist another person to commit suicide or directly kills the person. Patients are misdiagnosed or pressured into choosing death. They are strongly influenced by doctors who may make them feel that is their only option. Patients frequently change their minds, wanting to die when they feel bad and wanting to live when they feel well. Patients are sometimes depressed and in need of proper treatment.”

When They Say:
“Wonder if the patient is having severe pain; shouldn’t death be an option?”

You Say:
“No one wants to be in pain or see their loved ones in pain. Fortunately, treatment for pain has improved significantly. And, if a person is in hospice care, comfort for the patient is the primary goal.”

When They Say:
“If assisted suicide and euthanasia become legal, I won’t be affected.”

You Say:
“You will be affected because your doctor will fill the dual role of healer and killer. Your doctor will feel obligated to give you the “choice” of death, even when it may not be warranted. HMOs and hospitals may encourage your death to save money. You will become fearful of family and medical professionals who are more interested in accelerating your death rather than relieving your pain or preserving your life.


This information is courtesy of Wisconsin Right to Life.

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