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Stem Cell Fast Facts

Stem Cell Fast Facts
  • Human embryonic stem cells are only obtained by killing the human embryo. Embryonic stem cell research is opposed because a human life must be destroyed.

  • Embryonic stem cells have never been used to treat human persons.

  • Embryonic stem cells grow uncontrollably and are too dangerous to put into a person.

  • Scientists in Madison, WI and Japan recently programmed ordinary human skin cells into becoming cells which act like embryonic stem cells. There is no loss of human life using this process.

  • Adult stem cells are found virtually anywhere on a person’s body. Adult stem cell research is universally supported because no one has to be killed to retrieve the cells.

  • Adult stem cells are also found in cord blood discarded after a baby’s birth and in amniotic fluid surrounding the baby in the womb.

  • There are 73 diseases and conditions which have been successfully treated using adult stem cells in human persons.

  • No human clones have been created to date. The cloning process involves inserting the DNA of the person to be cloned into a human female egg with its DNA removed.

  • Fetal farming is a process envisioned by scientists where a human embryo would be allowed to develop in an artificial womb. When the baby reaches sufficient size, scientists would use the embryo as an organ farm and remove tissues and organs for experimentation.

(Above information courtesy of Wisconsin Right to Life)

(Below information courtesy of www.consumeraffairs.com)

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