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Information on Pro-Life Issues from Missouri Right to Life

Dear Legislators,

As the legislative session gets into full swing, we are working on the best way to get information to you on pro-life issues.

To inform you of MRL positions on legislation,  we will be e-mailing you our testimony and suggested amendments. 

Please be aware that testimony given on a bill is for the bill language as presented in committee.  Our support, opposition, or neutrality could change based on committee subs and/or floor amendments.

If you prefer to be contacted at a different e-mail address or would like to give us your cell phone number or other information, please complete the attached sheet.

Also attached is testimony for 2 bills for which Missouri Right to Life has given their support: HB 28 & HB 129.  We hope you will read this testimony as well as these bills that will give pro-life protection in their various fields.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these bills or any other pro-life issues, please call our office at 573-635-5110 or myself, Susan Klein, Legislative Liaison at 573-230-4193.

Thank you for your work to protect innocent human lives!
Susan Klein
Legislative Liaison
Missouri Right to Life 




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