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MOSIRA Still Needs Protections of 196.1127

Dear Legislators,

Missouri Right to Life continues to oppose MOSIRA without the pro-life protections of 196.1127.  Without the scientific definition of human cloning (SCNT - somatic cell nuclear transfer) included in 196.1127, any amendment bears no assurance that MOSIRA funds will not be used for human cloning.

Any amendments dealing with reporting requirements, penalties, and other restrictions based on the definitions of Section 38(d) of the Missouri Constitution, known as Amendment 2, would only pertain to an "already cloned" human being after implantion. Human cloning will already have occurred.  Funding for MOSIRA without the protections of 196.1127, which would prevent the state from getting into the business of human cloning, and relying on the language of Amendment 2 allows the funds to be used for human cloning and the destruction of human embryos. 

If research businesses want to clone and kill human beings we should at the very least work to prevent public funding through the Missouri state budget and the university systems.

Now is the time for pro-life legislators to take a stand against those who seek to build the economic development of our state through their support of human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.  If they do not intend to do this kind of research then they would not be seeking your vote without the protections of 196.1127.

Missouri Right to Life once again asks you to place the pro-life protections of 196.1127 on any MOSIRA stand-alone bill or amendment.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of the truth of this matter.

Pam Fichter
Gerard Nieters
Susan Klein.




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