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MRL Still Request Protection of 196.1127 on MOSIRA

Dear Legislators:

For the past eleven years Missouri Right to Life has fought efforts by the life science research industry to build an open door to human cloning and human embryonic stem cell research. The pro-cloning industry spent 30 million dollars on the passage of Amendment 2 to guarantee scientific research unlimited by ethical concerns.  They have passed pieces of legislation to close records, set up the Life Sciences Research Fund, gain access to public funds, and gain business incentives through tax credits.  MOSIRA is a major tier in the structure being put in place by MOBIO and those organizations seeking to do human cloning and life-destroying research. 
If research industries know that the legislature will cut off their funding if they report that they are doing human cloning and human embryonic stem cell research,  Missouri Right to Life does not believe that any report will be accurate.
Therefore Missouri Right to Life continues to oppose MOSIRA on HB 116, SB 100 and any other bill without the protective language of 196.1127.

Pam Fichter
Gerard Nieters
Susan Klein




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