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Legislative Update - May 10, 2013


Thank you for taking time to make calls to your Senator and Representative! Your calls do make a difference!

Call your Senator and Representative: Thank them for voting for SB 126 and/or HB 400.

SB 126 - Pharmacy Conscience Clause sent to the Governor Click here to see if your Representative voted to protect pharmacy owners from being forced to stock abortion causing drugs: http://www.missourilife.org/legislation/2013/scssb126-house.html
HB 400 - Ban on Web-Cam Abortions sent back to the House for Final Approval Next Week Click here to see if your Senator voted to Ban Web-Cam Abortions: http://www.missourilife.org/legislation/2013/hb400-senvotes.html

Budget Bills - GOOD NEWS!

The House and Senate truly agreed and finally passed all budget bills Thursday, May 9th, one day earlier than the constitutionally required deadline.

Thank you to all House and Senate members that supported the Alternatives to Abortion (A2A) program and the public awareness program for A2A, found in SCS HCS HB 5. The House and Senate held the same position for A2A at $1,533, 561 and $50,000 from Federal funds. They also approved $50,000 for the A2A public awareness program. This is a grand total of $1,633,561 for the Alternatives to Abortion program.

Thank you also to all House and Senate members that maintained the pro-life protections on HCS HB 7, the Economic Development Appropriation Budget Bill. The pro-life language, offered by Rep. Bart Korman by an amendment in committee, in Section 7.035 of HCS HB 7 will prevent the tax dollars in this bill from funding human cloning and research on human embryos. Special thanks to Rep. Bart Korman!

Economic Development - GOOD NEWS! - Keep Praying!

Multiple economic development bills are moving quickly in these last weeks. To date the House and Senate have listened to MRL's concerns and either placed pro-life protections on bills or removed the language in question. We thank them for this cooperation and look forward to continuing this relationship in good faith in the last week of the 2013 legislative session.

Missouri Right to Life's goal is to ensure that our tax dollars, or tax credits and tax incentives are not given to any business that does abortion, human cloning or embryonic stem cell research. We will let you know the final outcome next week.

Movement on Pro-life Legislation: GOOD NEWS!

SB 20 (Includes SB's 15 & 19): Senator Bob Dixon (and Senator Ron Richard), Sponsors - Reinstates and extends the Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credits Signed by the Governor, March 29th in Cape Girardeau.
SB 126: Senator David Sater, Sponsor - Protection for a Pharmacy Owner not to be Forced to Carry any Drug or Device, which includes abortion drugs and devices On the Way to the Governor
HB 400: Rep. Jeanie Riddle, Sponsor (and Senator Wayne Wallingford) - Ban on Web-Cam Abortions On the House Calendar for Final Approval Next Week
HB 457: Rep. Tim Jones, Sponsor - Specifies that anyone providing medical services cannot be required to perform or participate in activities that violate his or her conscience or principles - Passed the House by a veto-proof bi-partisan majority of 116 yes to 41 no, March 12 - Senate Hearing Completed, April 15 - SCS HCS HB 457 Reported Do Pass, April 18. SCS HCS HB 457 on Senate Calendar, May 9
Other pro-life issues are on-going. We will report final outcomes next week. Last Day of Session is Friday, May 17 at 6:00 p.m.

Senate and House Bills Opposed by Missouri Right to Life: GOOD NEWS! Senate and House Leadership took care of us and did not move these bills through the process!

SB 93: Senator Jolie Justus, Sponsor - Repeals provision making changes enacted by Senate Bill 7, MOSIRA (1st Ext. Sess. 2011) contingent on the passage of another act - This act would remove the connecting language and put MOSIRA into effect. Second Read and Referred to Committee, January 17
SCR 6: Senator Jolie Justus, Sponsor - Urges ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution. A State ERA has been used for the basis to publicly fund abortion. Hearing was Cancelled, February 5
HCR 36: Urges ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution. A State ERA has been used for the basis to publicly fund abortion. Read Second Time, April 2




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