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April 8, 2013

HB  620 – Legislation Which Includes tax Credits for NAICS, Sector 62 includes family planning centers including abortion clinics

HB 620 – Legislation Which Includes Tax Credits for open ended NAICS codes which includes life sciences research


Missouri Right to Life (MRL) opposes HB 620 because of the inclusion of tax credits for those who would profit from abortion and research in human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. 

The NAICS codes that encompass our pro-life concerns are under the numerical categories of 5417, 54171 and 541710 for research and Sector 62, 621410 for Family Planning Clinics which includes abortion clinics and the issues that we are fighting in the Health and Human Services mandate that people and businesses of faith have to provide coverage for abortion, contraception and sterilization.  And now, we want to provide these businesses tax credits.

For the NAICS codes, 5417, 54171 and 541710, the life sciences sections, Missouri Right to Life has been consistent in our request for pro-life protective language.  That language states that this bill is, “subject to the provisions of section 196.1127.”

For Sector 62, 621410 Missouri Right to Life asks that you include a statement that states,  “Moneys or credits expended under this section shall not be granted to organizations or affiliates of organizations that perform or induce, assist in the performing or inducing of or refer for abortions.no tax credits.”

Without the inclusion of the protective language requests, Missouri Right to Life stands opposed to HB 620.





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