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January 22, 2013


Dear Representative,

For several years now MRL has been working to pass a ban on web-cam abortions.  Planned Parenthood is moving to increase the number of chemical abortions such as RU 486.  We believe Missouri pro-life legislators should be pro-active in addressing this imminent danger to innocent human lives.

Web-cam abortions are abortions done by a video conferencing system where the abortionist is located at one location and uses a closed circuit TV to talk with a woman who is at another location over a computer video screen.  Planned Parenthood, as close as Iowa, has formulated the web-cam abortion scheme and mandated that all of its family planning clinics participate.

In order to ensure that a vulnerable Missouri mother is not victimized, we are asking pro-life legislators to act now.  Web-cam abortions are a health risk for a woman and a death sentence for an unborn child.  Banning web-cam abortions ensures that an abortionist does not push a button and deliver an abortion drug without even being in the same room with the woman.

To date, Arizona, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wisconsin have laws requiring the physician’s physical presence when dispensing chemical abortions.  These laws are in effect and were never challenged.  North Dakota also passed a similar law and at this time is temporarily enjoined pending the outcome of litigation.  However, the North Dakota law does deal with multiple issues besides just a ban on web-cam abortions.

Representative Jeanie Riddle has graciously agreed to sponsor this life-saving legislation and is currently seeking co-sponsors.  We ask that you contact her office at 751-5226 to sign on to this important pro-life legislation as soon as possible.  Senator Wayne Wallingford has filed the same language in the Senate, SB 175.

Please e-mail me at susan.k@missourilife.org if we have your support to co-sponsor this life-saving legislation.

Thank you for your timely action on this request.

Susan Klein, Legislative Liaison
Missouri Right to Life






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