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January 22, 2014

On behalf of Missouri Right to Life, I submit the following testimony in opposition to HB 1236.

It is the mission of Missouri Right to Life (MRL) to protect every innocent human life at every stage of development.  It is the threat to embryonic human life that brings us here to testify today. 

While Missouri Right to Life is not averse to economic development and ethical research, when that development is built on the destruction of innocent human life at the embryonic stage, MRL will speak up. 

HB 1236 establishes the Missouri Angel Investment Incentive Act to award tax credits and incentives to all businesses not excluded in this legislation.  By default, if you do not exclude those businesses that seek to use our public dollars for human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, then they are eligible to receive our public monies for human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. 

HB 1236 has the same concerns as discussed in past years regarding pharmaceuticals and biomedical research with no pro-life protective language to prevent human cloning, human embryonic stem cell research and research on aborted babies with public tax dollars and tax incentives.  The pharmaceutical and biomedical industries have engaged in unethical medical research, including the killing of embryos and fetuses so our concerns are real.   

Our legislators need to give clear direction as to what kind of research can and cannot be done with public monies awarded by The Missouri Technology Corporation.  The Missouri Technology Corporation has been tied to the bio tech life sciences research industry from its inception. 

Setting up another fund through our state budget for another commission or organization to approve state funding for businesses that can do life science research projects without any pro-life restrictions is a serious concern of Missouri Right to Life. 

There have been complaints voiced in the past, by those who would profit from human cloning and the destruction of innocent human beings through embryonic stem cell research, that cloning researchers won’t come to Missouri because the environment is unfriendly to human cloning.  If they do not seek to do human cloning, embryonic stem cell research and research on aborted babies then the following pro-life protections should not be a problem.  We are confident that restrictions are necessary in today’s climate for pharmaceutical and biomedical research companies especially when we are talking about the use of any public (state or federal) moneys.

Missouri Right to Life recommends the following language to assure that innocent human beings are not the victims of unethical research with state monies or incentives:

Public funds shall not be expended, paid, or granted to or on behalf of an existing or proposed research project that involves abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited human research as defined in section 196.1127.

In addition, you could also place in the list of those businesses that do not qualify for state monies the following to assure that human cloning and embryonic stem cell research is not done with state monies and that the pro-life protections are consistent with 196.1127:
Any business that 1. performs or induces abortions, assists in the performing or inducing of abortions, refers for abortions or  2. engages in or performs human cloning or human embryonic stem cell research as defined in section 196.1127 are not eligible for state monies or incentives .

Missouri Right to Life opposes any economic development legislation that includes only a reporting requirement for this life-destroying research.  This position ignores the fact that you ask those doing human cloning and embryonic stem cell research to self-report, the reporting requirement does not cover the fact that the definition of human cloning was changed in our constitution by the adoption of Amendment 2 so any report may not include the creation of human embryos through somatic cell nuclear transfer (human cloning) for scientific research, and the fact that reporting is after the fact of the loss of the lives of unknown numbers of innocent human beings.

Until the above pro-life protections are addressed, Missouri Right to Life must take a position in opposition to HB 1236.





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