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Testimony in Support of HB1845
March 12, 2014

Because we know that abortion is a process used by perpetrators of statutory rape to cover up their crime, and because section 188.028 of the Missouri statutes requires parental consent for the abortion, we know that these perpetrators are fraudulently claiming to be the parent of the pregnant minor in order to consent to the abortion.  HB1845 requires the consent form signed by the consenting parent to be notarized and requires the consenting parent to provide proof of identification and proof of their parental status to the abortion facility before performing the abortion. This will greatly reduce the ability of the rapist to hide their crime via the abortion process.

The bill also provides that the consenting parent be provided with all of the information as to the risks and dangers of abortion that the pregnant minor is required to receive before an abortion, so that both are making a fully informed decision.

Additionally, HB1845 provides for greater court involvement, including professional counseling, should the minor wish to avoid the parental notice and consent requirements.

All of these provisions should serve to reduce the number of abortions in Missouri and therefore, Missouri Right to Life supports HB1845.




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