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REGARDING HB 1310 & HB 1236
January 31, 2014

Dear Members of the Special Standing Committee on Small Business,

Missouri Right to Life would like to address two points brought up in recent committee hearings.

First, in regards to whether MRL has ever taken a position on Angel Tax Credits in 2013 on HB 698.  Please see attached documents from 2013 stating Missouri Right to Life’s position on Angel Tax Credits and in the House Journal dated Wednesday, April 17, 2013, pages 1322 & 1323 where the pro-life protections were amended on the floor on to the bill.  The pro-life protections stayed on the Angel Tax Credits  even on the Conference Committee Sub, which passed the House.

Second,  the protections in HB 7 of 2013 cover that specific dollar amount in that line item, which covers $6,360,000.
HB 1310 extends the funds beyond that dollar amount.  It is possible to also place state monies and credits in other line items under the authority of the MTC without the clear protections of 196.1127.

We are still hopeful that we can come to agreement on including the pro-life protections listed in the attached written testimony on HB 1310 on the House Floor and on future economic development bills where there are pro-life concerns.

As I stated, this pro-life language is consistent with the pro-life protections you passed in the Missouri Works Program in 2013, as well as on the Angel Tax Credit bill #698  and it is consistent with the pro-life protections on the Life Sciences Research Trust Fund passed in 2003, section 196.1127.

We are asking you to be pro-active and place the attached pro-life amendment on these bills to prevent any public dollars from being used for human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.   If it is not the intent to do human cloning and embryonic stem cell research with public dollars then this should not be a problem.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Susan Klein
Missouri Right to Life





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