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MRL Testimony in Support of SB 770

The Women’s Health Care Protection Bill 

Before the Senate Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee

March 10, 2014

I am here on behalf of Missouri Right to Life to testify in support of the Women’s Health Care Protection bill. Women in this country have suffered through 41 years of legalized abortion and the grief, pain, anguish and regret that has accompanied it.  The physical health risks from abortion include infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, ripping or perforation of the uterus, anesthesia complications, convulsions, hemorrhage, cervical injury, endotoxic shock, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, future premature births and labor complications as well as increased risks of ovarian, cervical and even breast cancer. Additionally, women who have had abortions have much higher rates of depression and suicide than the general population.

Despite all these health problems, the advocates of abortion promote abortion as good for women’s health. As a woman, I am offended by the abortion industry’s claim that opposition to abortion equates to a war on women. Abortion is totally contrary to women’s health!
The abortion industry promotes legalized abortion, claiming it should be safe, legal and rare. Sadly, the only thing legalizing abortion did is make it legal. Since Roe v. Wade, abortion numbers have skyrocketed. So much for rare. And the law did nothing to guaranty that abortions are safe. The abortion supporters claimed that legalization would eliminate the back-alley, coat-hanger abortions. But legalization came without regulation. All legalization did was take the abortionist out of hiding.  The abortionist did not change his method or procedures.

This is evidenced by the case of the Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell who performed his abortions in filthy conditions on blood-stained tables with unsterile equipment. Then he would snip babies spinal cords in their neck to kill them when they were born alive, and he would keep the babies remains in jars all around the facility. And his is not an isolated case. Witness the Houston, Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen who twists the heads off the necks of born alive babies. Is this a surprise in an industry that kills babies for profit?

Gosnell went decades with no inspections before his horrors were finally made public. Here in Missouri, the abortion mill in St. Louis underwent no inspection for 4 years before the DHSS conducted an inspection in January, 2013. In that inspection, the following deficiencies were cited: 1. Rusty equipment, 2. Filthy, dusty conditions. 3. Retention and use of expired drugs, 4. Failure to train employees, 5. Failure to do background checks on employees and more.

The negligent operation at the St. Louis abortion mill has resulted in at least 24 ambulance visits to the mill since June, 2009. There have been at least 7 ambulance appearances in 2013 alone.  Why was it 4 years between inspections of this mill despite the complaints that were filed with DHSS every time an ambulance arrived? Why has our government/regulators failed these women?  The Womens Health Care Protection bill will require quarterly inspections of abortion mills in the state of Missouri. Hopefully, those inspections will insure that women will get clean, safe treatment at the mill and we can avoid additional ambulance visits to the mill.

For these reasons MRL supports SB 770, the Women’s Health Care Protection bill.





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