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March 26, 2014

Missouri Right to Life opposes SB 912 and the setting up of the Missouri Technology Fund and any economic development legislation that provides tax credits for certain life sciences research and development expenses, including tax credits for work in the fields of life sciences, biology and pharmaceuticals without restrictions, because that work could include embryonic stem cell research, human cloning or even fetal research on aborted babies.

As you know, the Missouri Technology Fund would set up a fund to be administered by The Missouri Technology Corporation.  This fund is the vehicle through which certain Missouri businesses can invest money through the state budget process to set up business incubators, mainly through the university systems, to receive tax credits and/or incentives from the state.  Because these monies pass through the state budget, they become public money and should have pro-life protections ensuring that the State of Missouri does not provide incentives for abortion, human cloning or embryonic stem cell research.

Missouri Right to Life opposes any economic development legislation that includes only a reporting requirement for this life-destroying research.  The public officials of the State of Missouri should be very clear in stating that the economic well-being of Missouri is not built on research that destroys innocent human lives through abortion services, human cloning or embryonic stem cell research. Public dollars, whether direct appropriations, tax credits or tax incentives for abortion services, human cloning or embryonic stem cell research, should be explicitly prohibited, not just reported after innocent human beings have been killed during research.

Many life science research firms are cloning human embryonic stem cell lines in order to test the effect of various drug formulas.  The National Institutes of Health allows human embryonic stem cells to be used in the testing of drugs.  It says that human embryonic stem cells can “provide material for testing that may improve the safety and efficacy of human drugs.”  The problem is that this testing on the human embryo kills the human embryo, an innocent human being in the earliest stages of development.  Missouri should not support the destruction of human life with public funds as it offends the consciences of its citizens.

MRL requests that you add the following pro-life protective language in the numerous sections that is necessary for valid protection:

Public funds shall not be expended, paid, or granted to or on behalf of an existing or proposed research project that involves abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited human research as defined in section 196.1127.

Without this protective language, Missouri Right to Life stands strongly opposed to SB 912 or any economic development legislation involving life sciences research or related fields.





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