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Missouri Right to Life Responds to False St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial

The premise for the lead editorial on Sunday, July 12, attacking Missouri Right to Life is demonstrably false. Had the Post-Dispatch actually read SB24 they would know that MRL is not even eligible for any funding under the statute. To imply that MRL would reap financial benefits from this legislation is not only blatantly untrue, it renders moot any other statements in the editorial when the very foundation of the editorial is based on a lie.

Missouri Right to Life has never received funds from the state. Never!

Missouri Right to Life is supported financially by the good people of Missouri who care deeply about women and their children…born and unborn.

The editorial went on to say, “Missouri Right to Life requires that a state representative vote its way at least 11 times and a senator at least five times to achieve a perfect pro-life score.” Again, the editorial writer is wrong. Our PAC endorsement policy tracks the votes of all legislators on bills that protect innocent human lives at every stage of development. Voting records are one important criteria considered by our PAC in making endorsements…but a number of other factors are also included.

A Missouri Right to Life endorsement is greatly valued by pro-life candidates. Those who receive our endorsement know it represents the position of the majority of people in the State of Missouri.

We were truly perplexed by the vicious nature of this editorial. The writer had to resort to lies to create the absurd perception that Missouri Right to Life doesn’t care about children.

Missouri Right to Life members believe it’s wrong to dismember an innocent, living child in her mother’s womb. They are people who want to defend a living, unborn child from being sucked through a tube that contains a razor. They are people who want to give voice to a small, fully formed child that will be flushed down the family toilet after a chemical abortion.

They are people who have personal abortion experiences and want the world to know the physical, emotional and spiritual pain they’ve suffered. Some are people who have been told that they can’t have children because of the effects of their abortion. They are people who pray for abortionists and the employees of abortion clinics knowing that they, too, are children of God.

Some have started ministries like Project Rachel and Project Joseph to help women and men who have been hurt by abortion. They are people filled with love, joy and compassion. I know because I’m privileged to be around these wonderful, positive people every day.

Organizations like Birthright, Our Lady’s Inn, Thrive and hundreds of other crisis pregnancy centers across Missouri—organizations actually eligible to receive the funds from SB24—save the lives of countless children and provide mothers with real alternative to abortion.

If the Post-Dispatch were truly concerned with the lives of children, they would applaud the success of SB24 and the children born because of the work of Missouri Right to Life and the dedicated legislators who value life—born and unborn.





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