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February 25, 2015

Missouri Right to Life supports HB 113, “Simons Law”, and urges this committee to give it a “do pass” report to the full House of Representatives.  HB 113 builds on the rights of parents to make health care decisions for their minor child(ren).  You have heard the story of Simon today and I am including several stories of families who sent us their heart-wrenching experiences, experiences that have given rise to the need for Simon’s Law.

We are a nation and a state that prides itself on compassion and caring for others and yet many in health care are discriminated against because of a disability.  This is a devaluation of life.  We see this mindset in Obamacare when healthcare is rationed to people of age or because of a disability or because of a medical condition and they get labeled as a “burden” to the healthcare system.

Life has intrinsic value beyond what it can produce. Production capacity is not the measure of anyone’s life value.  Nor is it the right of the medical community to decide “quality of life” for a patient.  Health care decisions are the right of the patient and the family.  Knowledge about their healthcare is the right of the patient and the family.

Another provision of HB 113 is the requirement for the reporting of a hospital’s medical futility policy to anyone entering a hospital.  A futility policy basically says that if the medical professionals or the hospital decides that treatment is useless to pursue then they may remove life-sustaining treatment and deny non-beneficial treatment.  Then a family has to quickly seek transport to another facility in order to continue the care of their loved one. All at a time when time is critical and families are in crisis because of uncertainty about the life or death of their loved one.

HB 113 is a parental rights bill and a transparency of healthcare information bill.

The story of Simon and those that I am leaving with you are real.  Simon’s story happened in Missouri, others have as well. So there is a need for the provisions of HB 113.

For these reasons Missouri Right to Life supports HB 113, “Simon’s Law.”





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