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Testimony in Support of HB 151
Ban of Public Funding for
Abortion Services, Human Cloning and Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Before the House Economic Development and Business Attraction and Retention Committee Tuesday, April 28, 2015

  1. HB 151 simply prevents public funding for abortion services, human cloning (SCNT) as defined by science, and embryonic stem cell research.
  2. No one is being punished if they are not doing abortions with tax dollars;

    No one is being punished if you are not doing scientifically defined human cloning (SCNT) with tax dollars;  and,
    No one is being punished if you are not doing human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) with tax dollars.

  3. The semantics of words are exactly what the abortion industry does with abortion:
    For Example:  The abortion industry says:                                        

    = It’s not a baby  It’s just a mass of cells
    For Example:  Those who support Human Cloning and ESCR say:
    = early stem cell research is not taking the life of a human being
    It's just a mass of cells

    Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is Cloning
    After Cloning has occurred then researchers have to decide what to do with that human clone.  This is called:
    * Reproductive Cloning = implanting the clone in a womb    and birthing the baby.
    * Therapeutic (so called) = doing research on the early stage human embryo which kills the embryo.        

  4. Many falsely state that Pro-lifers oppose “stem cell research” and that is false.  They fail to clarify the two kinds of research:   Adult Stem Cell Research (umbilical cord, skin cells, etc.) vs. Embryonic Stem Cell Research (or sometimes called early stem cell research). 

Pro-lifers support ethical adult stem cell research that does not require the taking of innocent human lives.  Pro-lifers oppose unethical embryonic stem cell research.  All cures, therapies and treatments are being found through and in adult stem cell research.

5. The only economic incentive projects prohibited to be funded with our tax dollars in HB 151is abortion services, SCNT and ESCR.

HB 151 says:
If you take the life of babies through abortion services, you can’t do it with our tax dollars; 
If you want to do Human Cloning (SCNT), you can’t do it with our tax dollars; and,
If you want to do ESCR, you can’t do it with our tax dollars.

This bill does not affect private dollars.
This bill does not prohibit abortion, human cloning or ESCR.
It just says you can’t do any of these with our tax dollars.

6. There is a life of the mother exception for those hospitals that perform emergency abortions. 

See Missouri Revised Statutes, Section 188.015 sub (6).

7. Regarding any litigation argument:  As long as you are not doing abortion services, human cloning (SCNT) and/or ESCR with our public tax dollars then there is no need for litigation. However -  if it is found that you are performing abortions, not just for the life of the mother, and  you are doing human cloning (SCNT) and if you are found to be doing ESCR with our tax dollars, then you can be held accountable.  This is personal responsibility and accountability for what you are doing with our tax dollars.

8. If it is said this bill would kill economic development projects -  that is FALSE
This bill prevents killing through abortion and prevents human cloning for the purpose of killing that human being and prevents killing of early embryos for research.
If this bill “Kills” a “project” then there should be investigation into that “project” and what is being done with our tax dollars.

9. On the issue of tax credit transfers – If you our legislators are giving a financial benefit either cash or incentives which are run through our state legislative body and/or budget then we should make sure it is not “subsiding” a company that is doing abortions, human cloning (SCNT), or ESCR.  HB 151 Gives oversight and transparency to ensure NO “pass throughs” of public dollars from one entity to another

10.  HB 151 will cover all economic development programs unlike the 196.1127 protective language  in HB 7.  That language only covers that “one line item.”  HB 151 would make it so that we do not have to have this disagreement/discussion on some economic development bills.

11. HB 151 is the same language as our statute 196.1127, which you vote on in our Dept. of Economic Development budget bill.

12. As far as “Trade Secrets”:  If you are getting public tax dollars or incentives then there needs to be accountability, oversight and transparency for what you are doing with our tax dollars.   

If you want “secrets”,  don’t ask for our tax dollars!

13. We have been dealing with this since 2006 when those who sought to buy our constitution with $30 million dollars sold Missouri citizens a lie – they intentionally redefined what Human Cloning is and deceived Missouri citizens into believing that they were voting to ban human cloning.  People thought they were voting to BAN human cloning and they did not.

In January 2009, Judge Callahan, Cole County had a case before him which gave him an opportunity to rule on this issue.  He did not – what he said is: legislators have the right to legislate and appropriate.

HB 151 is not in conflict with the Truth of Science or the intent of the people.

14. Regarding the fiscal note:  HB 151 simply tracks the state’s tax dollars and should be part of the normal budget process of accountability. 




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