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Legislative Update – May 6, 2016

Our Legislators need to know that you support them
as they work to pass pro-life legislation….

Call your Senator, thank him/her for what they have done so far!
And, let them know that we need HCS HB’s 2069 & 2371 passed
to give the full force of law to ensure that baby body parts are
not being sold in Missouri or around the United States.

See NEW Call to Action flyer here:

Session ends Friday, May 13 at 6:00 p.m.
Time is Critical!

 What Will HCS HB’s 2069 & 2371 Accomplish….

  • Requires the accounting of and reporting of all body parts of the aborted baby.
  • Prohibits donation of baby organs or tissue after an abortion.
  • Imposes penalties for sale of baby body parts of the aborted baby.
  • Requires all remains of an aborted baby to be submitted to a board certified pathologist.
  • Requires a detailed tissue report on every abortion.
  • Requires disclosure of the entity conducting the exam of the remains of an aborted baby.
  • Requires tracking of the baby’s remains from abortion facility to pathology lab to disposition location.
  • Mandates that the Department of Health receive report copies which are available to the public.
  • Noncompliance requires an unscheduled inspection of the abortion facility.
  • Un-remedied deficiencies result in a suspended license (1 year minimum).
  • The Health Department will make annual report of deficiencies to the General Assembly.
  • Contains whistleblower protections for people who work in the abortion clinic, the pathology lab, or the research facility.

Take Note:     Anything that impedes the financial incentive for the abortion industry decreases the number of abortions. Please... call your State Senator and ask him/her to pass HCS HBs 2069 & 2371 – one bill with two numbers.

See MRL Statement Regarding HCS HJR 98 and the Personhood Amendment here:


  • Alternative to Abortion Funding.  (HB 2005:  5.160 – $6,458,561)
  • Maintained pro-life protective language on Dept. of Economic Development bill to prevent public monies from being used for research on aborted babies, human cloning and embryos.  (HB 2007:  7.035)
  • For the purpose of providing expansion of courier services for delivery of cord blood to the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank at SSM Cardinal Glennon Hospital.  (HB 2010:  10.745 lines eight thru eleven - $75,000)
  • Show-Me Healthy Babies Program Funding.  (HB 2011:  11.560 – $13,597,790)
  • Family planning dollars in the state budget will now be funded by the state and not the federal government.   These monies can be used for family planning provided that none of the funds appropriated in 11.550 may be expended to directly or indirectly subsidize abortion services or procedures or administrative functions and none of the funds appropriated in 11.550 may be paid or granted to an organization that provides abortion services. (HB 2011:  11.550 - $10,790,923) 

Better Health Care for Women that does not include abortion!

MRL 2016 Priority Legislation:

  • Expanding Abortion Clinic Inspections, Accountability for Disposal of Baby Body Parts,  Ensure no selling or buying of baby body parts is happening in Missouri from in state abortion clinics, and ensure that any publicly funded state institution is not buying baby body parts from out of state abortion clinics with our tax dollars, Accountability for licensing of abortionists and abortion facilities as well as oversight of connections between abortion facilities and public institutions.  Whistleblower protections for abortion clinic employees.
  • Defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Fund Alternative to Abortion Program.
  • Fund Show-Me Healthy Babies Program.
  • Maintain Pro-Life Protections on Economic Development Budget Bill.

MRL “NEUTRAL” on “Raise Your Hands for Kids” Tobacco Tax Initiative (RYH4K)
Pro-Life Protections are in the Language of the Initiative.
Click Here to Read MRL Press Release: http://www.missouririghttolife.org/legislation/2016/press2016-0204.html
Read MRL Response to Op-ed with False Information about MRL and the “RYH4K” Initiativehttp://www.missouririghttolife.org/news/2016/2016-03-15.html





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