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Legislative Update – May 5, 2017

One Week to the End of the 2017 Legislative Session

Please Make These Calls!

Calls are needed now to your Missouri State Senators!
Ask them to pass HCS HB 174 and HCS HB 194.
Session ends Friday, May 12 at 6:00 p.m.

Pro-life laws & religious liberty freedoms are intentionally being attacked by a pro-abortion Judge and pro-abortion officials on the St Louis City Council. 

Pass HCS HB 174 or SB 41 to Stop the “Sanctuary City for Abortion Mandate”
In HCS HB 174 and SB 41, a political subdivision of this state is preempted from enacting, adopting, or enforcing any ordinance or any other form of regulation that would interfere with, or otherwise adversely affect an alternatives-to-abortion agency or any other religious organization and their agents' operations or speech.  HCS HB 174 or SB 41 is necessary because an ordinance was passed by the Board of Aldermen in the City of St. Louis that attacks and threatens the deeply held moral and religious convictions of the people of St. Louis by seeking to make St. Louis a "sanctuary city" for abortion.    Unless HCS HB 174 or SB 41 is enacted, that St. Louis City ordinance will force churches and others to be complicit in the profound evil of abortion.        

Pass HCS HB 194 or SB 67, The Women’s Health Care Protection Act that requires:
annual on-site abortion clinic inspections;
accountability of baby body parts from abortion;                                                                                  
whistleblower protection;                                                                                                              
two-parent notification prior to a minor having an abortion; and,                                               
Stated Jurisdiction for Attorney General when dealing with Abortion Cases  

Find Contact Information for Your State Senator here:  http://www.senate.mo.gov/2017-senator-listing-2/

Pro-Life Provisions in Budget Bills:
The following provisions are in the House and Senate versions of the budget. 

  1. Alternatives-to-Abortion Funding - (HB 11 – 11.120)
    $6,383,561.00 – For Alternatives to Abortion Program
    $75,000.00 – For Alternatives to Abortion Awareness
  2. Show-Me Healthy Babies Funding - (HB 11 – 11.560)
    $13,988,802 -  Health Insurance Coverage for Unborn Children, whose families are not eligible for Medicaid or who cannot otherwise obtain health insurance
  3. Continued Defunding of Planned Parenthood - (HB 10 – 10.714)                                          
    No tax dollars in state budget for abortion services
  4. Women’s healthcare without offering abortion services (HB 10 – 10.714)                                      
    $6,153,723.00 – Expanded Women’s Healthcare – No abortion services with tax dollars
  5. No Funds for Medicaid Expansion through Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) - (HB 11)
    No monies for healthcare in HB 11 can be used for abortion services as listed in 170.015
  6. Funding for Transportation of Umbilical Cords to Cord Blood Bank in St. Louis - (HB 10– 10.740)
  7. Pro-Life Protective Language in Economic Development Budget bill on research line item to prevent public funding of human cloning, embryonic stem cell research and abortion services – (HB 7)

We thank our Legislators for the monies given to help the good work of changing hearts and minds in the fight to protect innocent human lives from inception to natural death.

But…… what about regulating the abortion industry and its known lack of adherence to Missouri laws and Federal laws? 

  1. What about passing legislation requiring inspections of abortion facilities?
    NOTE:  This is needed even more now than ever before because of the Judge’s decision that takes away the requirement that an abortionist have hospital privileges and takes away the requirement that abortion facilities meet the same medical standards as other facilities.   Required inspections are also needed because of multiple ambulance calls to the St. Louis Planned Parenthood and multiple infractions found in previous inspections… when they did occur.
  2. What about passing legislation to ensure that baby body parts are not bought and sold in Missouri? 
    NOTE:  This is necessary because of the information that surfaced in last year’s state and federal investigations of Planned Parenthood and the indiscrepencies found in the St Louis Planned Parenthood and the Pathology lab. 

Ask your legislators to pass HCS HB 174 and HCS HB 194 to address these frontal assaults by the abortion industry!




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