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Legislative Update - December 8, 2017
Pre-Filing of Legislation for 2018 Legislative Session

The Second Regular Session of the 99th Missouri General Assembly will kick off at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

Pre-filing of legislation for the 2018 session began Friday, December 1, 2017.  At this time there have been 244 bills and 13 various resolutions filed in the Senate.  And, there have been 330 bills and 13 various resolutions filed in the House.

Your Missouri Right to Life Legislative Team has worked with legislators on pro-life bills to file for the 2018 legislative session.  We have also begun reviewing all bills filed and will be reporting weekly in the lifelines during the legislative session.  We will update you on bills that have either a positive or negative impact on our ability to protect innocent human lives at every stage of life and development. 

Please read these updates.  Your knowledge on these important life issues is important for when you speak with your legislators.  Your involvement with your legislator is very important! 

When we put out a legislative alert for phone calls, e-mails and letters to legislators you need to be ready.  Your involvement is important to the passage of good solid pro-life legislation.

The most important event you can plan for in 2018 is to attend Pro-Life Action Day on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at the Missouri State Capitol. 

Please print off the “Show Me Life” Action Day flyer and distribute to your pro-life friends, family and church members. http://missourilife.org/assets/lobby_day_flyer2018.pdf

Your attendance at lobby day is essential to the passage of solid pro-life legislation and defunding Planned Parenthood!  Because of your work as volunteers in the elections, it will be an exciting time at the Capitol and you will want to be a part of it!

Thank you for your commitment to protecting innocent human lives!  Your support of Missouri Right to Life ensures protections for innocent human lives through the legislative process! 
See you in Jefferson City on March 13 at the “Show Me Life Action Day”!
Until then….Merry Christmas to you and your Family!
We have much to be thankful for!

Bills to Watch:
NOTE:  In the following lists, Missouri Right to Life’s position could change at any time depending on amendments that can happen at any point in the legislative process.

In the Missouri State Senate:
SB 632- Sponsor:  Bob Dixon – Extends the expiration date of tax credits for donations to Pregnancy Resource Centers (Support)

SB 724 – Sponsor:  David Sater – Prohibits certain selective abortions relating to sex, race, or Down Syndrome (Support)

Under Review/Watch:
SB 604- Sponsor:  Bob Onder - Human Trafficking Poster (Under Review/Watch)

SB 693- Sponsor:  Wayne Wallingford - Modifies procedures in guardianship and conservator proceedings for incapacitated or disabled persons (Watch)

SB 714 – Sponsor:  Andrew Koenig – Requires the use of a fetal heartbeat detection test prior to an abortion and prohibits an abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected (Under Review)

SB 731- Sponsor:  Scott Sifton (Pro-Abortion) - Provides for the expansion of MO HealthNet services beginning January 1, 2018 (Watch)

SB 788- Sponsor:  Jamilah Nasheed (Pro-Abortion) - Modifies provisions relating to human sexuality (Language Unavailable at this Time/Watch)

SB 670- Sponsor:  Jill Schupp (Pro-Abortion) – Forces Pregnancy Resource Centers to refer for Abortion (Oppose)

SB 671- Sponsor:  Jill Schupp (Pro-Abortion) – Repeals the 72 Hour Reflection Period prior to an Abortion (Oppose)

In the Missouri State House:
HB 1266- Sponsor:  Donna Lichtenegger - Establishes the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" (Support)

HB 1288- Sponsor:  Kevin Engler - Extends the expiration date of tax credits for donations to Pregnancy Resource Centers (Support)

HB 1361- Sponsor:  Bill Kidd - Establishes "Simon's Law," which changes the laws regarding life-sustaining or non-beneficial treatment policies of health care facilities (Support)

HB 1383- Sponsor:  Rocky Miller – Two Custodial Parents Notification prior to a minor having an abortion (Support)

Under Review/Watch:
HB 1238- Sponsor:  Dan Stacy – Tax Credit Limits (Watch)

HB 1240- Sponsor:  Dan Stacy – Regarding Contraceptives (Watch)

HB 1246- Sponsor:  Patricia Pike – Human Trafficking Poster (Under Review/Watch)

HB 1333- Sponsor:  Randy Pietzman – Good Intentions to End Abortion but Repeals a lot of Pro-Life Laws (Major Concerns)

HB 1337- Sponsor:  Stacey Newman (Pro-Abortion) – Equal Pay (Watch)

HB 1372- Sponsor:  Mike Moon - Modifies provisions relating to unborn children (Language Unavailable at this Time)

HB 1399- Sponsor:  Bruce DeGroot – Removal of parental rights because of rape, could include coercion for abortion (Watch)

HB 1437 – Sponsor:  Jean Evans – Changes the laws regarding protection for offenders who are pregnant (Under Review)

HB 1468- Sponsor:  Martha Stevens (Pro-Abortion) - Extends benefits for pregnant women under the MO HealthNet program and Show Me Healthy Babies program to one year after giving birth (Under Review)

HB 1498- Sponsor:  Shamed Dogan - Modifies provisions relating to dispensing contraceptives (Watch)

HB 1499- Sponsor:  Shamed Dogan – Regarding Transfer of Contraceptive Prescriptions (Watch)

HB 1551- Sponsor:  Stacey Newman (Pro-Abortion) -  Modifies provisions relating to human sexuality and sexually transmitted disease education (Language Unavailable at this Time/Watch)

HJR 47- Sponsor:  Dan Stacy - Proposes a constitutional amendment changing how judges are selected to certain courts (Under Review/Watch)

HJR 48- Sponsor:  Dan Stacy - Changes the constitutional provisions regarding ballot initiatives and referendums (Under Review/Watch)

HJR 53- Sponsor:  Mike Moon - Proposes a constitutional amendment regarding the right to life (Under Review)

HB 1312- Sponsor:  Crystal Quade (Pro-Abortion) - Requires Pharmacists todispense contraceptives without excluding abortifacients (Oppose)

HB 1319- Sponsor:  Steven Roberts (Pro-Abortion) – Establishes Physician Assisted Suicide in Missouri (Oppose)

HB 1338- Sponsor:  Stacey Newman (Pro-Abortion) – Requires Health Care Workers distribution of abortifacients (Oppose)




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