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Missouri Right to Life Policy on Human Cloning


The laws should preserve and protect all innocent human beings outside the womb from injury or destruction, no matter how they are created. All human beings should enjoy the equal protection of the law.


Every human being has been endowed with an unalienable right to life from inception to natural death. From that unalienable right flows the principle of equal rights of all under the law, which disappears if the right to life of each one is not honored.

We hold that a human being consists of any individual of the species homo sapiens, however he or she begins, whether conceived in the natural way, or begun by fertilization outside the womb, or created by any process such as cloning that is now imaginable or even unimaginable. To exclude a member of homo sapiens from the ranks of humanity is a flawed philosophical judgment which strikes at the heart of human dignity and equality. How many peoples and nations have walked down this tragic road! The bloody carnage that results from dehumanizing unwanted persons stretches from the beginning of history past the 19th century slave plantations of our own Union, through the concentration camps of 20th century Germany, and into the nascent 21st century “brave new world.”

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