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Missouri Right to Life (MRL) Policy Statements Overview

All policies listed below approved and updated as of December 2013. To download a PDF file of all these policies, click here.

Click on individual policies for complete statements.




Rape and Incest Exceptions

Oppose - Except in Rare Instances.

Contraceptives, with notes on“morning after pill” and RU-486

MRL takes no position on artificial contraception – But opposes all drugs or devices that are known to act at least some of the time as abortifacients.

School-Based Clinics

MRL opposes school-based clinics’ providing birth control services to unmarried adolescents and making referrals for abortions.

Equal Rights Amendment


Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Human Cloning


Protection of Human Clones

All innocent human beings should have equal protection of the law.


MRL is opposed to the production of chimeras in part from human genetic materials.

Living Wills & Advance Directives

MRL urges all persons to prepare and execute durable powers of attorney for health care and advance directives that incorporate pro-life principles.


MRL does not oppose allowing people to die when death is imminent. We do, however,oppose the hastening of death.

Organ Donations, with note on non-heart-beating donations

No organs should be removed from a person for transplant until the person is dead. Current practices do not assure that death has occurred before organs are removed.

Capital Punishment

MRL takes no position.

March of Dimes

Because the March of Dimes is anti-life in its recommendations, MRL urges citizens to consider carefully whether to support the March of Dimes.

Susan G. Komen Foundation and Race for the Cure

Because the Susan G. Komen Foundation,sponsor of the “Race for the Cure,” supports embryonic stem cell research and allocates money to Planned Parenthood at the national level, MRL urges citizens to consider carefully whether to support the Race for the Cure and other activities of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Organizations That Take Anti-Life Positions

MRL does not support any organization that in its statements or in practice manifests anti-life positions on abortion, infanticide,euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, or cloning. MRL urges citizens to consider carefully whether to support such org’s.

Girl Scouts USA

Because Girl Scouts USA promotes, both directly and indirectly through other organizations, policies and behaviors clearly contradictory to the goals and purposes of Missouri Right to Life, Missouri Right to Life urges citizens to consider carefully whether to participate in Girl Scouts or support them in any way.


Civil Disobedience, Direct Action, Violence

MRL finds unacceptable any type of violent activity done in the name of the pro-life movement. We do not condone, authorize, or encourage violence or engaging in unlawful activities, but support only legal and lawful means of saving lives.



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