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Dear Friend for Life,

I’m so pleased to tell you that the Missouri Senate has advanced the primary pro-life legislation for this year which expands the current informed consent law. Below is a copy of the memo MRL distributed to the Missouri Senate and House members today, April 19. Please use the links below to call your state senator and representative and urge them to take up and pass SS SCS SB 793.

Yours for life!

Pam Fichter

Missouri Senate
Missouri House of Representatives

Memorandum Distributed to the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives

On Thursday, April 15, the senate perfected SS SCS SB 793, a bill that contains some excellent pro-life provisions. In addition to being offered an ultrasound and information on her unborn child’s development 24 hours before an abortion, a mother receives information about the possibility of pain to her unborn child, the father’s liability for child support, alternatives to abortion and additional information to help her make a more fully informed choice. This legislation also includes language that allows Missouri to “opt out” of abortion coverage in federal health insurance exchanges.

Although the legislation alters the existing requirement for a treating physician to meet with the woman to discuss the medical facts of a drug-induced or surgical abortion 24 hours before an abortion, we believe the senate sub moves Missouri closer to making sure women receive critical information that will help them choose life for their unborn child.

Therefore, Missouri Right to Life supports the Senate Substitute. We urge the Senate to third read and pass SS SCS SB 793. We also urge the Missouri House to take up and pass SS SCS SB 793 without any changes and send it to the Governor.

We thank the legislators in both bodies who are working hard to pass legislation that protects women and their unborn children. We look forward to working with you to accomplish this goal.

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