Action Alert: Emails and Calls Needed!

The Senate Leadership needs to hear from you now!

Senator Ron Richard, President Pro-Tem of the Senate: (573) 751-2173 or email
Senator Mike Kehoe, Senate Majority Floor Leader: (573) 751-2076 or email
Senator Bob Onder, Assistant Majority Floor Leader: (573) 751-1282 or email

Please email and/or call each Senator and:

1.  Thank the Senate for their work investigating Planned Parenthood and the Pathology Lab.

2.  Ask the senate to pass the resolutions to affirm the right of the senate to seek information regarding the disposal of baby body parts: SR 1793 and SR 1794.

3.  And most importantly make it clear that pro-lifers want legislation for annual abortion clinic inspections and accountability to ensure that baby body parts from abortions are not being sold for research: SB 644 and/or HB2069 & 2371.

Thank you!  We need the support and action of the super majority Republicans!

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