Action Alert: Pro-Life Protections Needed!

Call your Representative ASAP and ask them to put pro-life protections requested by MRL on: HB 2302 and HB 2321. Find your House Member Phone Number here:

The Missouri House Economic Development and Business Attraction and Retention Committee Passed Two Bills That Endanger the lives of the unborn and early stage development of human beings.

These bills are opposed by MRL with no pro-life protections: HB 2302 and HB 2321, Sponsored by Rep. Caleb Rowden

Read MRL testimony opposing HB 2302 & HB 2321 and asking for pro-life protections:
HB 2302:
HB 2321:

Economic Development Committee Members Voting To Move HB 2302 and HB 2321 Forward with NO Pro-Life Protections:
Rep. Caleb Rowden – Yes
Rep. Kevin Corlew – Yes
Rep. Michelle Kratky – Yes
Rep. Kevin Austin – Yes
Rep. Nathan Beard – Absent
Rep. Michael Butler – Yes
Rep. Shamed Dogan – Yes
Rep. Randy Dunn – Yes
Rep. Jim Hansen – Yes
Rep. Delus Johnson – Absent
Rep. Donna Lichtenegger – Yes
Rep. Donna Pfautsch – Yes
Rep. John Rizzo – Yes

The following memo was distributed to the next committee these bills will go to — the House Select Committee on Commerce, asking for pro-life protections:

List of House Select Committee on Commerce Committee Members who Have the Opportunity to Place Pro-Life Protections on HB 2302 and HB 2321:

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