Action Alert: Pro-Life Vote is NO on MOSIRA!

Dear pro-life friends: tonight the MO Senate gave first-round approval to MOSIRA** without pro-life protections. Instead, they added an amendment that is simply another reporting requirement and will do nothing to protect the lives of innocent human beings being destroyed by unethical research with public funds. Missouri Right to Life continues to oppose MOSIRA without a clear ban on public funds being used for abortion services, human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.

Action Needed:

The Senate could third-read and pass the bill as early as 10:30 tonight when they are scheduled to be back in session. Please call your Senator and urge them to vote NO on MOSIRA!

Senators’ e-mails and telephone numbers may be found at:

To determine who your legislators are, go to this website:

**Background on MOSIRA here.

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