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On March 11, the Missouri House of Representatives gave final approval to HB 46 & 434, sponsored by Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-19) and Rep. Bryan Pratt (R-55), which ensures that a woman considering an abortion is offered an ultrasound image of her unborn child, is given information on her child’s ability to feel pain, and is protected from being coerced into an abortion.

To see how your Representative voted on this legislation, click here: For Votes

This bill now moves to the Senate. The companion Senate Bill, SB 264, sponsored by Sen. Rob. Mayer (R-25), has passed out of committee in the Senate and is on the Senate calendar for perfection.

Action Needed

Your call could make the difference on whether or not the Senate takes up and passes this legislation.

Please call and/or e-mail your State Senator, both in his/her home district, since they are on Spring Break, and in his/her Jefferson City office.

Tell them:

“I am calling to urge you to support HB 46 & 434, or its Senate version, SB 264. Women deserve full information before considering an abortion. They should be offered the ultrasound image of their child, be informed about the development of their child, and be protected from coercion. Please take all necessary steps to pass this vital legislation that will protect mothers and their unborn children.”

Click here for contact information for your State Senator.

Unsure of the identity of your state senator? Click here.

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