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Sorry, I’m a little behind on the pro-life news here in Missouri. A Missouri Right to Lifememo from Missouri Right to Life:

Stop Coerced Abortions and Provide Ultrasounds


With the encouragement and support of pro-life Missourians, the Missouri Senate brought up SB 264 on Monday evening, March 23. This bill, sponsored by Sen. Robert Mayer, protects women from coerced abortions, allows them to view an ultrasound of their baby, and provides vital information to them on their child’s development and ability to feel pain.

After debating SB 264 for just over five hours, and with a few pro-abortion Democrats filibustering, the bill was placed back on the calendar without any action taken. The companion house bill, HB 46 &434 has passed the house. The Senate can take up either bill to accomplish the same goals.

This same legislation died last year in the Senate after passing the House by a large margin. The Senate needs to hear from pro-life Missourians to urge them to take up and pass SB 264 this session.

Action Needed:

1. Call your Senator at his/her office and call your Senator. Link to Senators

2. Call Sen. Rob Mayer, Sponsor of SB 264 and Senate Handler of HB 46 & 434:
Office: 573-751-3859 Home: 573-624-2200,

3. And, call President Pro-Tem of the Senate, Senator Charlie Shields: 573-751-9476, e-mail:


I am calling to urge you to take up and pass SB 264 or HB 46 & 434 to protect women from coerced abortions, provide ultrasounds and information on the unborn baby’s ability to feel pain. This legislation will help women be more fully informed when considering an abortion. Please take all necessary steps to pass this life-saving legislation.

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