Audio of Abortion Debate!

I finally uploaded the audio I recorded from the abortion debate last week with Bob Onder and Ken Jacob, both running for Congress in the 9th district. It is a little over an hour long – click: Onder/Jacob Debate.

At the debate I had the privilege of meeting Tom Scheppers, pro-life candidate for State Representative in district 20. He is running to replace Danie Moore who is running against Bob Onder and 3 others to be the Republican nominee in the race to replace Kenny Hulshof as the 9th district Congressional Representative. Onder and Jacob will be hosting another debate on July 1 in Wentzville, MO.

Meanwhile, Dr. Onder has released the first television ad of all 9th district candidates, highlighting his past association with Missouri Right to Life and Missourians Against Human Cloning:

Others running for Congress in dist. 9: Republicans Dan Bashir, Brock Olivo and Blaine Luetkemeyer; Democrats Steve Gaw, Judy Baker and the pro-life Lyndon Bode

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