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November 26, 2015
The citizens of the United States of America have many blessings from God for which to be thankful. While we work to restore the
July 4, 2012
When the founders of our country declared their independence, they proclaimed the self-evident truth that all men are created equal and have an unalienable
November 21, 2011
The biggest shopping season of the year is rapidly approaching and more and more people are shopping online. If you shop at Gap, Bass
September 12, 2011
Lovely ad from Virtue Media commemorating the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01: [youtube=] Transcript: “Over the years humanity has made terrible
September 2, 2010
Shop at over 1,000 of your favorite online merchants and earn up to 16% for Missouri Right to Life Education Fund! The biggest shopping
July 28, 2010
This is just awesome!!! From the Jefferson City News Tribune: HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) — Army Capt. David Cooper was in Afghanistan when his daughter
February 25, 2010
If you get TBN, be sure to tune in this Saturday, February 27 at 9:00 pm Eastern for the television debut of “Sarah’s Choice“,
August 25, 2009
Creative Minority Report has an excellent post on abortion and the Declaration of Independence: Now, nobody with an honest mind can actually question when
July 2, 2009
On July 4, 1776, the thirteen United States of America declared their independence. To explain their reasons for this action to the world, these
May 29, 2009
State Rep. Cynthia Davis’ Capitol Report from 5/21/09: Some people say we should be satisfied in life with half-a-loaf. But when the issue itself
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