Correction: There are Still TWO Active Abortion Facilities in Missouri

It’s still wonderful news that the Planned Parenthood in Columbia has temporarily halted its abortion practice. Many lives will be saved as a result. But our astute legal counsel pointed out to us this weekend that this does not leave our state with only one abortion clinic, as we said on Friday. Apparently there is another facility in the St. Louis area that is routinely ignored/overlooked by the media. It’s Dr. Allen Palmer’s Women’s Care Gynecology, Inc., in Bridgeton, a suburb close to the airport. It’s not as big as Planned Parenthood but it executes many unborn babies and is still going strong. Here is the information our legal counsel sent us about it:

    Here is how a federal court described the second St. Louis-area clinic, based on the pleadings filed by its owner, Dr. Allen Palmer, in the litigation against Missouri’s abortion clinic regulations of 2007:

    “Dr. Palmer has provided first-trimester surgical and medication abortions at the same location in Bridgeton, Missouri, for over thirty years. Until now, he has not been required by the State of Missouri to obtain a license from DHSS for his private practice, Women’s Care Gynecology, Inc. (“WCG”), because WCG’s abortion and related services account for under 51% of its patients and revenues. In the months preceding the effective date of the Act’s amendments, Dr. Palmer sought clarification from DHSS as to whether he is now required to obtain a license for his private practice, and if so, which aspects of the ASC licensing regulations he must meet. DHSS has determined that WCG will be regulated as an abortion facility. Additionally, DHSS determined that WCG must comply with the New Construction regulations.”

    Dr. Palmer has aggressively sued peaceful demonstrators who have carried signs in a parking lot near the building where he does abortions. He also intervened in the federal lawsuit that PP filed against the 2007 Missouri abortion regulations and law, resulting in the quote above (taken from the Court’s preliminary injunction of Sept. 24, 2007). Why his abortion business is always ignored by the major news outlets mystifies me. Apparently he does not seek the limelight, but even so, reporters appear to be professionally incompetent when they ignore him.

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