Emily’s List Backs Carnahan for U.S. Senate

Emily’s List, which only supports pro-abortion candidates who back taxpayer-funded abortions and oppose a ban on partial-birth abortions has announced it’s top 5 candidates for the 2010 elections and Missouri’s Robin Carnahan is one of them. From LifeNews:

In Missouri, pro-abortion Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is hoping to pick up a pro-life Senate seat. She will face another big name in Missouri politics, pro-life Rep. Roy Blunt.

(Emily’s List president Ellen) Malcolm claims Blunt “has stretched the truth about health care to bolster his opposition to reform” by pointing out how the government-run health care bills foster abortion funding.

“This will be one of the highest profile races in the country, and winning won’t be easy – statewide Missouri races often are won or lost by only a handful of votes,” she says.

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