Legislative Action This Week in the Missouri Legislature

Missouri House Democrat Legislators Vote to Allow Infanticide

This morning, Thursday, April 25, 2019, in the Missouri House of Representatives Rules Committee on Administrative Research, three pro-abortion Democrats voted no on protecting babies born alive after an abortion (HCS HB 971). Pro-abortion Democrat Representatives John Carpenter (District 15), Deb Lavender (District 90), and Gina Mitten (District 83), voted to allow infanticide of babies born alive and needing care. They said “NO” to caring for these babies born alive and breathing.

Voting to protect babies born alive after an attempted abortion were: Republican Representatives Holly Rehder (District 148), Shiela Solon (District 9), Shamed Dogan (District 98), Hannah Kelly (District 141), and Nick Schroer (District 107).

“We are truly saddened to think that in our conservative, pro-life state of Missouri some legislators would approve of the killing of innocent unborn babies that survive an abortion. We are so thankful that our majority, pro-life legislators recognize that a baby at birth, through whatever means, is a human being worthy of care,” said Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life.

Missouri Senate Fiscal Oversight Committee Sends SCS HB 126 to Full Senate for Consideration

Today, April 25, 2019, the Senate Fiscal Oversight Committee voted to move SCS HB 126, the omnibus pro-life bill, forward to the full Senate for consideration. Those pro-life Republican Senators voting in support of life were: Senators Mike Cunningham (District 33), David Sater (District 29), Sandy Crawford (District 28), Bill Eigel (District 23) and Lincoln Hough (District 30). The one Senator voting no on this life-saving legislation was pro-abortion Democrat Senator John Rizzo (District 11).

“SCS HB 126 is the strongest pro-life legislation ever considered in the United States. Many lives of innocent unborn children will be saved with the passage of this legislation. We are grateful to our pro-life legislators in both the House and Senate for putting forth this historic piece of legislation,” said Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life.

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