Liberal Court Rules Against Protecting Women’s Health and Safety


Liberal Court Rules Against Protecting Women’s Health and Safety

The following statement can be attributed to Susan Klein, Executive Director:

Missouri Right to Life is saddened but not surprised with the recent injunction issued by the liberal/activist courts. Over the last 46 years, we and pro-life Missourians have worked in the legislative arena to enact laws that protect unborn babies and their mothers.

Annual inspections and unannounced inspections, pursuant to legislation enacted in 2017, raised concerns that have led our state leaders and the Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services to question some of the healthcare services given or not given to women at the St Louis Planned Parenthood. Multiple emergency vehicles at the site on several occasions and a lack of reporting of these events have brought to light grave concerns about the safety of women’s healthcare at the St Louis Planned Parenthood.

The blame for the deficiencies and infractions at the Planned Parenthood abortion site in St. Louis can be laid specifically and only on those who operate that abortion facility. No one and no healthcare facility is above the law.

Dr Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, is an OBGYN with over 30 years of training in healthcare for pregnant women and has nothing in mind but the best interest for quality healthcare for women as he makes decisions on healthcare facility operations.

While abortion supporters continue to scramble to play the victim and blame others for their deficiencies, Missouri state leaders are standing firm and fighting for the protection of women and their babies, both born and unborn.

Hundreds of federally funded and state health centers in our state offer women and their families high-quality care for all healthcare needs, unlike Planned Parenthood whose model is committing abortions.

Thank you to Governor Mike Parson, Director Randall Williams, and all those current and past pro-life legislators who have fought over the years for the right to life of the babies as well as for the health and safety of their moms!

Continue to pray for our state leaders as this battle continues!

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