Merry Christmas from Missouri Right to Life!

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NativityIn this Joyous Season of Light and Life, Missouri Right to Life Wishes
You a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas .

In this world, where it seems sometimes that Darkness and Despair 

have the upper hand, we must stop and remember that Jesus, the Light,

came to us many years ago and lives on today.

The Kingdom of God is within us all.

We must take and share it with all of Mankind. 



Missouri Right to Life Needs Your Help!

Missouri Right to Life is working hard RIGHT NOW to STOP taxpayer funding for abortions under Obamacare in our state!  As you know, October 1st marked the launch of Obamacare and its horrifying plan to FORCE Americans to buy insurance that covers abortions and abortion-causing drugs. We must educate our citizens on what is included in the health care exchanges and the increase in TAXPAYER money that will go to abortion industry chains, like Planned Parenthood.  The states, especially Missouri, are the only hope for protecting the lives of our preborn children.

We are thrilled that the abortion rate has been reduced by half in the state of Missouri over the past ten years. But we MUST keep the momentum going! That is why Missouri Right to Life needs your help to fund this fight.

Please consider a donation today to help Missouri Right to Life defeat the anti-life provisions in Obamacare.

Tax-deductible donations should be made to the MRL Education Fund.

Donate Here

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