Missouri Abortion Numbers Drop!

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January 16, 2020
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Missouri Abortion Numbers Drop Drastically in 2019
Due to New Legislative Safety Measures
The overwhelmingly pro-life Missouri legislature over the years and specifically the last three years, has worked tirelessly to protect unborn children and vulnerable women from the dangers of abortion.
The recent reduction in abortion numbers for 2019 is a direct result of these legislative efforts, specifically SB 5 passed in 2017. The initial numbers for 2019 abortions (Jan 1 – Nov 15) are 1,354 — a 54 % reduction from the 2018 figure of 2,910. SB 5 expanded regulations on abortion in multiple statutes. These common sense health and safety regulations are protecting women and causing abortion to drop.
The following elements of SB 5 have been key in reducing the abortion numbers:
  • Abortion facilities must now have emergency plans on file with the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) at all times.
  • Complication reports from chemical abortion must be filed with DHSS.
  • Annual, unannounced on-site inspection of abortion facilities must be done by DHSS.
In addition to these protective regulations, Senate Bill 5 also expands the ability of the Department of Health and Senior Services to enact new regulations when the abortion industry is breaking the law and putting women at risk.
What would cause these new protective laws and regulations to so severely reduce the numbers of abortions? We can only attribute this to increased safety regulations in the clinics and refusal to do difficult or risky abortion procedures here in Missouri.

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