Missouri Legislators End 2018 Session with a Mixed Review While President Trump Announces Action to Prevent Tax Dollars from Going to Abortion Providers

The following statement is from Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life:

Pro-life Missourians are questioning the lack of action by the Republican majority to end abortion after 5 months gestation when babies feel pain during the abortion.  Pro-life people of faith and values worked and helped these legislators win their seats.  We expect more!

We thank the House and Senate for the pro-life language in the budget to prevent our tax dollars from being used for abortion and for the many great programs that were funded in the appropriations bills like alternatives to abortion, show-me healthy babies and a new pilot program to help pregnant and post-partum moms get over drug addictions. We also thank the House and Senate for extending and increasing tax credits for those who donate to Pregnancy Resource Centers and Maternity Homes.

While we send money to great programs, we must also work to end the atrocities in abortion clinics where they are killing tiny babies in horrendous ways. These atrocities are occurring inside abortion clinics right in our own local communities as we shop, dine and go through our daily activities.

Missouri Right to Life continues to work with pro-life legislators and elected officials to find ways to protect women and babies.

Governor Greitens has been very active in his support of pro-life legislation. Attorney General Hawley has been active in fighting the abortion industry in their frivolous lawsuits against common sense pro-life laws. And, President Trump has announced that he will re-enact a Reagan Rule to prevent those who provide abortions or who are connected in any way to the abortion facility from receiving our federal tax dollars. We are in an active battle with those who kill babies for profit!

We are all working together to protect women and save babies from the deceptions of the abortion industry. Pray for our elected officials and Missouri Right to Life as we work together.

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