Missouri Right to Life Applauds Legislature for Passage of Multiple Pro-Life Bills

Missouri Right to Life
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May 17, 2013                                                                                                 573-635-5110

Missouri Right to Life applauds the Missouri Legislature for passing several pieces of legislation protecting innocent human life. They include:
HB 400, a ban on web-cam abortions;

SB 126, giving protection to pharmacy owners not to be forced to stock any drug or device, including abortion drugs;

SB 20, restoration of tax credits for people donating to agencies offering alternatives to abortion;

SB 256, extending the safe place for newborn drop-off from 5 days to 45 days and expanding the list of places for drop-off to include maternity homes and pregnancy resource centers;

SS HB 184, pro-life protective language on “Missouri Works” economic development program, which passed today with a vote of 98 to 59;

Renewal of funding for alternatives to abortion agencies in HB 5, Office of Administration budget;

Pro-life protective language on HB 7, which funds the Dept. of Economic Development ensuring that the Missouri Technology Corporation will not be able to use these public funds on human cloning and research that destroys human life.
The following can be attributed to Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right to Life:

The Missouri legislature has recognized the will of the people of Missouri to protect innocent human life. The different bills will protect women from unsafe web-cam abortions and will help ensure that women are not forced into an abortion decision because the help and support she needed to choose life for her child was not available. They will protect the conscience rights of pharmacy owners. Pro-life language on economic development programs will ensure that financial gain will not come through the creation and/or destruction of human beings in the first stages of development.

We thank Speaker Tim Jones and Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey and other leaders in the House and Senate along with the individual sponsors of these bills. They include Rep. Jeanie Riddle and Sen. Wayne Wallingford (HB 400), Sen. David Sater (SB 126), Sens. Bob Dixon and Ron Richard (SB 20), Sen. Ryan Silvey (SB 256), Rep. Stanley Cox (HB 184) and Rep. Rick Stream and Sen. Kurt Schaefer (HB 5 and 7).

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