Missouri Right to Life Statement Regarding Judge Sachs Egregious Ruling Against Pro-Life Laws

Statement from Susan Klein, Legislative Liaison, Missouri Right to Life:

Judge Sachs, in his ruling supporting abortion services for women, is apparently not concerned that medical services at Planned Parenthood St. Louis are well below the quality of what could be considered acceptable medical standards.

Judge Sachs is giving a dangerous stamp of approval to Planned Parenthood’s history of having rusty equipment, dirty tables, expired drugs and untrained personnel offering services.  These infractions are in public inspection reports of the Planned Parenthood in St Louis.  This same Planned Parenthood has had at least 69 emergency ambulance calls since 2009.

Missouri Right to Life is disappointed in Judge Sachs’ pro-abortion ruling and we look forward to Attorney General Josh Hawley’s defense of Missouri laws enacted for the health and safety of women.

We also look to our legislators and Governor Greitens for help in addressing this egregious ruling. The state has a vested interest in protecting our citizens who will be harmed by this ruling. Missouri laws addressed by Judge Sachs have been in effect in Missouri since 2005.

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