Missouri Supreme Court Throws Out Challenge To State’s Abortion Law

Last week the Missouri Supreme Court ruled against the Satanic Temple in its challenge to Missouri’s 72-Hour waiting period law. The Court basically said that none of the alleged harms presented by the Satanic Temple case violates the plaintiff’s “religious” beliefs. Therefore, she had no case to argue in the court.

The informed consent legislation that includes the 72 hour reflection period is protecting women from the deceptions of the abortion industry and has saved the lives of many unborn babies. The 72 hour reflection period before an abortion begins after a woman is offered information about the development of her baby, the dangers involved in an abortion, the opportunity to see an ultrasound, information about Alternatives to Abortion, where a woman can find resources to help her in a crisis pregnancy and much more.

We are thankful the Missouri Supreme Court saw no basis for this case in the court.


Link: Mary Doe Speaks: Her Story — The Satanic Temple, a Case Experience

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