MO Legislative Update 4/25/14

capitolOur State Legislators have just 3 weeks left to pass pro-life legislation in the 2014 legislative session.

Although several pro-life bills have passed the House, these bills have floundered in the Missouri State Senate due to the pro-abortion filibuster.

Abortion clinic inspections, the 72 hour waiting period, conscience rights for medical professionals and researchers and parental notification are just a few life-saving bills that the Republican leaders in our Missouri State Senate have in their hands to pass.  These bills will save multiple innocent little human lives.  Will they choose one or more?  Will they allow the pro-abortion few to control the majority?  We will know in 3 weeks.

Also, at very high risk in these last 3 weeks is pro-life language on open-ended life sciences research economic development bills.  At this time, many Republicans have worked with Missouri Right to Life to place pro-life protections on these bills.  But, the cloning lobby is putting tremendous pressure on our pro-life legislators.  Please pray that our pro-life legislators will stand strong to keep the pro-life protections of 196.1127 on these open-ended economic development bills.

Watch for action alerts requesting calls to your legislators.

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