MRL Backs Gina Loudon

Gina LoudonMissouri Right to Life has endorsed Gina Loudon for State Senate in the 7th district Republican primary. Gina is running to replace her husband, Sen. John Loudon, who is out this year due to term limits. Find out more about Gina Loudon at

In the Republican primary, Loudon is running against Jane Cunningham and Neal St. Onge. The Democrat candidate for district 7 is Kevin Leeseburg (I could not find a link for him).

A full list of Missouri Right to Life endorsements will be published in it’s July newsletter. Be sure to keep you eye out for it on their website,!

0 thoughts on “MRL Backs Gina Loudon”

  1. One of Gina Loudon’s biggest passions is protecting life. Not only does she talk it, but she lives it all the way down to adopting a Down’s Syndrome baby, Sammy, a couple of years ago.
    Missouri Right to Life is right on in endorsing Gina for State Senate.

    Jane Cunningham is pro-life, too, but her main passion is changing our public schools.

    Neil St Onge has been pro-life in the past, but what I’ve heard from pro-choice circles is that he’s their new darling and they are all rooting for him to arrive in the Senate. I don’t know if that means that St Onge will help the pro-choice lobby, or that he’ll just avoid hurting them or voting against pro-choice issues.

    Either way, as a staunchly pro-life person, I feel really good about Gina arriving in the Senate, knowing that she will do everything in her power to defend and speak on behalf of innocent life.

  2. Gina Loudon is the only candidate to carefully define when life begins, and to use that definition as a moral compass for making policy decisions. She will passionately protect life at all stages without wavering. Her opponents’ voting records are proof that they waffle on that definition.

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