MRL PAC Endorses Candidates for U.S.Congress & State Auditor

Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee (MRL PAC) is pleased to release its endorsements of candidates in the August 3 primary races for the U.S. Congress and for Missouri State Auditor.

MRL PAC does careful analysis of each candidate and the dynamics of each race. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that pro-life candidates are elected to protect innocent human lives. Endorsements for the primary in all other races will be announced later this week.

MRL PAC Primary Race Endorsements for U.S. Congress

District 1 – No endorsement

District 2 – Todd Akin (R)

District 3 – Ed Martin (R)

District 4 – Ike Skelton (D)
Vicky Hartzler (R)

District 5 – Jacob Turk (R)

District 6 – Sam Graves (R)

District 7 – Billy Long (R)

District 8 – Jo Ann Emerson (R)

District 9 – Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)

MRL PAC Endorsement for State Auditor

Allen Icet (R)

Tom Schweich (R)

Endorsements and ratings on all candidates will be included in our July newsletter.

For more information on Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee, please visit our website at and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

0 thoughts on “MRL PAC Endorses Candidates for U.S.Congress & State Auditor”

  1. Your endorsement of Billy Long just baffles me. Just like Billy Long has been absent from the Republican party until the day he announced he was running, I can’t recall Billy Long taking an active pro-life stance in the past either. All the while, there are other candidates in this race with strong pro-life values with far more ethical and moral track records. The Missouri Right to Life really discredited themselves with this endorsement.

    1. Thank you for your comment! In the U.S. Representative District 7 race the MRL PAC had much discussion about the dynamics of this race. The PAC’s policy is to do a single endorsement when there are candidates either that are pro-abortion or have a mixed voting record which is the situation of this congressional race. The reason for a single endorsement is to give pro-life voters a single candidate to vote for so as not to split the pro-life vote and put either a pro-abortion candidate or a candidate with a mixed voting record in office. This is the situation with the single endorsement of Billy Long. The voting records of those who hold office are on the MRL website. In our upcoming newsletter, all candidates will be listed as their actions and or survey have shown them to be.

  2. I live in MO District 8, and I cannot for the life of me figure why the MRL is ENDORSING Rep. Jo Ann Emerson. She voted to SUPPORT embryonic stem-cell research and then voted to override the President Bush’s veto of the bill! She voted TWICE against the interests of pro-life people like myself and like I THOUGHT the MRL PAC was.

    1. Dustin – Thank you for your comments and your obvious pro-life support! MRL-PAC’s goal is to elect pro-life candidates by supporting the most pro-life candidate with the best chance of winning, especially when that seat is seriously challenged by a strong anti-life opponent. This combination requires that we consider the unique dynamics and political realities of each race.

      Regarding Rep. Emerson, specifically: for the past two years (which is how National Right to Life scores Congressional candidates for endorsement) she has a 100% pro-life voting record. Rep. Emerson is consistently with us on abortion, and her votes are important to opposing the radical pro-abortion agenda of the Obama administration. MRL PAC believes that Rep.Emerson is the strongest candidate to defeat the anti-life challenge to this Congressional seat.

      1. chelseaz – Thank you for your response. However, concerning Rep. Emerson, how can the MRL overlook a 57% NRLC rating during 2007-2008 110th Congress when YOUR OWN website says the following:

        “Candidate ratings – MRL PAC will assign a rating to all candidates to give the best possible information to voters as to where a candidate is positioned on our issues. MRL PAC uses the following ratings:
        100% – a perfect voting record for up to four years”

        The quote above is from: So, FOUR years ago, Emerson had a rating of 57%!! I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THAT CAN BE OVERLOOKED OR IGNORED!!



        1. As I said, the MRL PAC also considers the unique dynamics and political realities of each race individually and, because MRL is an National Right to Life affiliate, and since they are the ones who typically work with these, particular elected officials on a regular basis we will often take their lead in our Congressional endorsements – hense our endorsement of John McCain in the 2008 election, for example.

  3. Melissa Strathmann

    I’m just curious, why were no endorsement made for the 1st district when there is an extreme pro-choice incumbent running against at least 1 strong pro-life republican? An answer concerning this would be much appreciated. Thank you

    1. Melissa – We have endorsed Martin Baker in the 1st District. Unfortunately, because of incomplete or absent surveys, this endorsement wasn’t able to be made along with the others. Thanks for your concern!

  4. I am also from the 8th District. I question the wisdom of supporting someone that has a quesitonable record on pro life issues such as JoAnn Emerson. I understand the logic of supporting who you seem to think is going to be the most likely winner.. but isn’t this the kind of politics of which the american people have grown sick? She has other issues that are questionable as well. Shouldn’t that be taken into consideration? Ties with SEIU and other union organizations.. a husband that lobbies for such organizations and contributes to Obama? This is an important election . If you plan to support her.. at least hold her feet to the fire!!! I don’t know that we can totally trust her anymore….

    1. Kevin – can you really trust any politicians these days? Ironically we got just as much heat in 2008 for NOT endorsing some candidates who were with us on most pro-life issues, but had bad voting records b/c of embryonic stem cell research.

      Of course we will hold her feet to the fire as we do all politicians. She has made some bad votes in the past, but has indicated that she is willing to work with us on the stem cell issue.

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