MRL Urges Calls to Governor

Missouri Right to LifeToday Missouri Right to Life sent out the following request to pro-lifers:

The Missouri legislature’s failure to pass HB 1831 during the regular session of the 2008 Missouri General Assembly handed the abortion industry an unexpected gift. This legislation would have protected women from being coerced into an abortion, allowed those considering an abortion to have more information on fetal pain, and required that they be offered the opportunity to view an ultrasound image.

In January, Governor Blunt stated the following as one of his priorities for the 2008 legislative session:

“We have a moral obligation to protect Missouri women and defend the dignity of human life. We must ensure that expectant mothers have all the information they need to make fully-informed decisions, including the right to view an ultrasound of their child. As any parent can tell you, there is nothing so powerful as that first glimpse of your child. It enhances early bonding and it will encourage expectant parents to choose life.”

Throughout this past session, the Governor indicated his support for this legislation.

Missouri Right to Life is asking Governor Blunt to call for a special legislative session to run concurrently with the veto session in September, 2008. A concurrent session will allow the legislature to take up this life-saving legislation with minimal, if any, cost to the taxpayer.

Please call Governor Blunt at 573-751-3222 and urge him to call a special session to run concurrently with the veto session in September and to support the passage of the important issues of HB 1831.

Yours for Life,
Pam Fichter

Don’t forget, MRL will host a town hall meeting in Springfield on June 10. Call 417-496-1235 or email for more information.

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