MU Continues to Collaborate with Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood

Missouri Right to Life
Press Release

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Rupp, President Missouri Right to Life

The University of Missouri, in their long standing relationship with Planned Parenthood, has taken another step in supporting abortion providers. Dr. Marjorie Sable, a Department Director of the School of Social Work at MU who also serves as the Secretary of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri is acting as advisor to a student involved in a study that will provide information to Planned Parenthood on how to increase their return of clients for abortions after the 72 hour reflection period.

We encourage pro-lifers to continue asking MU to stop enabling the abortion business.

Tell MU that state law requires them to discontinue all relationships with any abortion provider. And, tell MU that state-funded personnel, employed by MU, should not be using state time to enable abortion providers in any way.

We thank Senator Kurt Schaefer and the Senate Sanctity of Life Committee members as well as the House Ways and Means and Children and Families Committees for their on-going investigations in seeking answers about the buying and selling of baby body parts as well as the collaboration of MU and Planned Parenthood.

We ask our legislators to pass pro-life legislation in 2016 to address all the horrors of Planned Parenthood on all these issues.

We are the voice for these innocent babies. And, they need us today!

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