Oh, the Joy!

From the President

There is great joy in seeing your children born. Holding that tiny baby in your arms and wiping away the tears of overwhelming joy is indescribable.

And then we are treated to it all over again with our grandchildren. Only this time the tears are not just tears of joy, but tears of thanks that we get all of the fun with these little ones …. and none of the responsibility! Life is great!

And as I reflect on the awesome gift of being a Mom, Dad, Grandmother, or a Grandfather, I get teary-eyed again. This time in gratitude to God for my four children and seven grandchildren. What have I done to deserve such incredible joy? I thank God every day.

I have a son and daughter-in-law who are frustrated that, after 15 months of marriage, they are not parents yet. “In God’s time” is our prayer. They yearn for that joy.

Then I think of the Mother and Father who chose abortion. The giggling of that precious little child will be lost forever. The joy that my son and daughter-in-law are seeking is also lost on these parents. It is replaced by a dark, distorted effort to pretend that their child is not really a child but just a “product of conception.” These parents will not only be deprived of the joy of that child, but they will be subjected to the guilt and sorrow of knowing deep-down that what they did was horrible. There is no joy here.

And now, with the explosive Planned Parenthood videos being released, those parents are seeing that not only was their child more than a “clump of cells,” but their child may have been dissected and sold on the open market. And the darkness deepens.

What of the abortion industry workers? Do you think they go home at night with joy in their hearts? Is there joy in that Planned Parenthood building in St. Louis, or Columbia … or wherever? The obvious answer is no.

And that brings us to what we do at Missouri Right to Life. We try to save innocent children from a horrific death. We try to save parents from a lifetime of regret. We try to save abortion workers from the darkness that surrounds them every day. We strive to bring joy into the lives of these misguided souls. The same joy that we have experienced through our children and grandchildren. And you can help.

Please pray fervently that these people will experience God’s forgiveness, healing, and love. Thank God for your joy, and spread that joy everywhere you go!

That is what Missouri Right to Life does.

God bless!
Steve Rupp

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