Planned Parenthood Closes Abortion-Referral Clinic in Jefferson City

Great news! The Jefferson City office of Planned Parenthood will close at the end of this month. In a statement to LifeNews, MRL president Pam Fichter said of the closing:

“This is wonderful news. Jefferson City is a very pro-life community and while this Planned Parenthood did not provide surgical abortions, we know that their purpose is to give out abortifacient drugs and do referrals for abortions. We are very glad that Planned Parenthood is no longer a part of the Jefferson City community.”

A few very dedicated Jeff City pro-lifers have had a constant weekly (Tuesdays 4:15 – 4:45pm) prayer vigil at this Planned Parenthood for NINE years. Trust in God includes trust in His timing – God is good!

The Jeff City Planned Parenthood office is merging with the Columbia facility which was one of only two abortion facilities in the whole state, but is not doing abortions at present because the abortion practitioner who had been working there was called to active duty in the military. Let’s hope this merging of resources doesn’t help them hire another abortionist anytime soon – or ever: Prayer for the Closing of an Abortion Mill.

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