Missouri Right to Life Policy on Abortion


We hold that the laws of our society should preserve and protect all innocent human beings from intentional destruction by abortion. Until the U. S. Constitution is interpreted to allow Congress or Missouri to provide such protection, the enactment of laws that reduce the number of deaths but fall short of complete protection will be necessary.


Every human being has been endowed with an unalienable right to life from inception to natural death. From that unalienable right flows the principle of equal rights of all under law, which disappears if the right to life of each one is not honored.

Abortion tramples an individual’s equal right to life. It violently ends all the unrealized potential of its innocent victim, a human being invested with immeasurable capacities for awe, for good, for ingenuity, and for molding this world into a fairer place for all fellow humans. Moreover, abortion neither solves the true problems of a mother nor resolves the problems of society as a whole. It represents a confession of despair followed by the void of destruction.

From these premises, we hold that the positive laws of our society should preserve and protect all human beings from intentional destruction by abortion. To be clear, we mean “abortion” to consist of the intentional destruction of the life of an unborn human, excepting only those rare cases in which such destruction is unavoidable to save the mother’s physical life. We further mean “unborn” to include those human beings who may be created and gestated outside the womb until the age at which a baby in the womb would normally be born or until the positive law acknowledges the rights of such a human being. We further mean “human being” to consist of any individual of the species homo sapiens, however he or she begins, whether conceived in the natural way, or begun by fertilization outside the womb, or created by processes including cloning and perhaps others still waiting to be developed by the mind of man.

The United States Supreme Court has imposed an unwarranted and arrogant decree upon our nation, holding that the Constitution of the United States does not include unborn human beings as “persons” and forbidding our federal and state legislatures from protecting the right to life of unborn human beings from abortion. We cannot obtain from our legislators the full set of positive laws that we seek while this decree remains in place. In fighting for pro-life legislation, we understand that we may have to accept lesser degrees of legal protection from time to time than we ultimately seek to achieve.

We will work in the long term to reverse the Supreme Court’s unjust and dehumanizing decree, and we will do all that we can in the short term to save lives through education, legislation, and other lawful, non-violent means.

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