Civil Disobedience

Missouri Right to Life Policy Resolution Concerning Direct Action


Missouri Right to Life finds unacceptable any type of violent activity done in the name of the pro-life movement. We do not condone, authorize, or encourage violence or engaging in unlawful activities, but support only legal and lawful means of saving lives.


Missouri Right to Life is dedicated to changing the system that has allowed countless unborn children to be destroyed by abortion on demand, threatens the lives of handicapped newborns through infanticide and threatens the elderly and infirm through euthanasia.

We recognize that a multitude of pro-life efforts are necessary to protect lives.

It is the policy of this organization that all officers and board members of this corporation as delineated in Article IX of the by-laws as well as standing committee chairmen, refrain from participation in unlawful acts, including trespassing, when engaging in activities in any way related to the purposes for which Missouri Right to Life is organized, whether or not such activities are sanctioned or sponsored by Missouri Right to Life.

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